Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2018 Topps Update Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

2018 Topps Update
Base, Rainbow Foil, Gold #/2018, Vintage Stock #/99, Independence Day #/76, Black #/67, Mother's Day Hot Pink #/50, Father's Day Powder Blue #/50, Memorial Day Camo #/25, Negative, Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
US6 Jacob Nottingham
US27 Christian Yelich
US39 Freddy Peralta
US40 Jacob Barnes
US55 Mike Moustakas
US65 Milwaukee Brewers
US85 Josh Hader
US113 Jesus Aguilar
US122 Jesus Aguilar
US138 Junior Guerra
US186 Lorenzo Cain
US248 Christian Yelich
US287 Jonathan Schoop
US291 Brent Suter

Clear Base Parallel
US6 Jacob Nottingham
US39 Freddy Peralta
US40 Jacob Barnes
US248 Christian Yelich

Base Variations Autographs
Short Print
BSPA-CY Christian Yelich

1983 Topps 35th Anniversary Insert
Base, Blue, Black #/299, Gold #/50, Red #/10, Platinum 1/1
83-11 Christian Yelich
83-25 Lorenzo Cain
83-49 Freddy Peralta

1983 Autographs
Base, Black #/99 or less, Gold #/50 or less, Red #/10 or less, Platinum 1/1
83A-CY Christian Yelich
83A-FP Freddy Peralta

All-Star Jumbo Patch
Base #5 or less, Platinum 1/1
ASJ-CY Christian Yelich
ASJ-JE Josh Hader
ASJ-LC Lorenzo Cain

All-Star Stitches
Base, Blue #/50, Gold #/25, Red 1/1
AST-CY Christian Yelich
AST-JG Jesus Aguilar
AST-JH Josh Hader
AST-LC Lorenzo Cain

All-Star Stitches Dual #/25
ASD-CY Lorenzo Cain - Christian Yelich \

All-Star Stitches Triple #/25
ASTS-CYH Josh Hader - Lorenzo Cain - Christian Yelich

Don't Blink
Base, Blue, Black #/299, Gold #/50, Red #/10, Platinum 1/1
DB-14 Lorenzo Cain

Own the Name Letter Patch #/1
OTN-ET Eric Thames
OTN-OA Orlando Arcia

Topps Reverence Autograph Patch 
Base #/10, Red #/5, Platinum 1/1
TRAP-ET Eric Thames

Topps Salute
Base, Blue, Black #/299, Gold #/50, Red #/10, Platinum 1/1
S-36 Freddy Peralta

Topps Salute Autographs
Base, Red #/25 or less, Platinum 1/1
SA-FP Freddy Peralta

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