Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2010 Topps Update Ulitmate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

Slowly going back through updating, cleaning and compiling the checklists.  My major plan was to take all the images out of the big yearly checklists so they aren't so bulking and like each sets to its own post with images.  Current sets are taking priority since I'm able to find the most images for those releases, but I'm slowly getting to some past sets.

2010 Topps Update
Base, Gold #/2010, Red #/299 (Factory Set), Black Border #/59 (Hobby/Jumbo), Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)
US32 Doug Davis
US35 Ryan Braun
US47 Jody Gerut
US62 Chris Narveson
US77 John Axford RC
US132 Corey Hart
US143 Jonathan Lucroy RC
US173 Lorenzo Cain RC
US182 Randy Wolf
US 215 Albert Pujols - Ryan Braun AS
US246 LaTroy Hawkins
US269 Dave Bush
US291 Corey Hart
US324 George Kottaras

All Star Stitches
Base, Gold #/50, Platinum 1/1
AS-CH Corey Hart
AS-RB Ryan Braun
AS-YG Yovani Gallardo

All Star Stitches Jumbo Relics #/6
ASJP-CH Corey Hart
ASJP-RB Ryan Braun
ASJP-YG Yovani Gallardo

All Star Stitches Dual Relics #/25
ASSD-HB Josh Hamilton / Ryan Braun

All Star Stitches Triple Relics #/25
ASST-FTH Prince Fielder / Mark Teixeira / Ryan Howard
ASST-BHE Ryan Braun / Jason Heyward / Andre Ethier

All Star Stitches Autographs #/25
ASAR-YG Yovani Gallardo

Cards Your Mother Threw Out
Base and Original Back
CMT151 Paul Molitor

Chrome Refractor Rookie Boxloader 
CHR24 Jonathan Lucroy
CHR31 Lorenzo Cain

Commemorative Manufactured Retail Patches
MCP142 Ryan Braun

Manufactured Bat Barrels
Base #d 99, Black #d 25, Pink 1 of 1
MBB-1 Ryan Braun
MBB-15 Prince Fielder
MBB-26 Casey McGehee
MBB-49 Corey Hart
MBB-137 Paul Molitor
MBB-156 Robin Yount

Peak Performace Autographs
PPA-AES Alcides Escobar
PPA-PF Prince Fielder
PPA-RB Ryan Braun

1951 Red Backs (Target)
45 Ryan Braun

Silk Collection #/50
S253 Dave Bush
S254 Jody Gerut
S255 George Kottaras
S256 LaTroy Hawkins

Turkey Red
TR117 Carlos Gomez
TR145 Robin Yount

Topps Attax Code Cards
 Ryan Braun

Thursday, March 26, 2015

2010 Topps Ultimate Brewers Checklist Series 1 and 2

2010 Topps Series 1 and 2
Base, Throwback (Target), All Black (Walmart), Gold #d 2010, Red #d 299 (Factory Set), Black Border #d 59, Platinum 1 of 1, Printing Plates
  1 Prince Fielder
  19 Felipe Lopez
  53 Craig Counsell
  72 Milwaukee Brewers - Franchise History
  116 Carlos Gomez
  124 Rickie Weeks
  151 Mat Gamel
  163 Josh Butler RC
  176 Yovani Gallardo
  216 Mike Cameron
  237 Brew Crew Knockout Ryan Braun - Prince Fielder CL
  248 Jason Kendall
  281 Braden Looper
  331 Ryan Braun
  350 Bernie's Bash Brothers Prince Fielder - Ryan Braun CL
  364 Trevor Hoffman
  391 Manny Parra
  462 Alcides Escobar
  518 Corey Hart
  574 Milwaukee Brewers
  609 Jeff Suppan
  649 Casey McGehee

Short Print Variations
116 Robin Yount

Cards Your Mom Threw Out
Base and Original Back
 CMT24 Robin Yount ‘75
 CMT31 Paul Molitor ‘82
 CMT38 Gary Sheffield ‘89
 CMT86 Paul Molitor '79
 CMT92 Robin Yount '85
 CMT151 Paul Molitor '86

Topps 2020
T1 Ryan Braun

Legendary Lineage
 LL20 Frank Thomas White Sox & Prince Fielder Brewers
 LL21 Hank Greenberg Tigers & Ryan Braun Brers
 LL41 Jimmie Foxx A's & Prince Fielder Brewers
 LL47 Frank Robinson Reds & Ryan Braun Brewers

Legendary Lineage Relics
LLR-GR Hank Greenberg, Ryan Braun
LLR-RB Frank Robinson, Ryan Braun
LLR-TF Frank Thomas, Prince Fielder

Logoman HTA Promotion
9 Ryan Braun
 40 Prince Fielder

Maufactured Hat Patches
MHR25 Paul Molitor
 MHR94 Robin Yount
 MHR95 Robin Yount
 MHR135 Prince Fielder
 MHR169 Ryan Braun
 MHR-194 Ryan Braun
 MHR-198 Prince Fielder
 MHR-292 Mike Cameron
 MHR-363 Rollie Fingers
 MHR-379 Robin Yount

Peak Performance
 30 Prince Fielder
 42 Ryan Braun

Peak Performace Relics
 AE Alcides Escobar
 JG Jody Gerut
 MG Mat Gamel
 MP Manny Parra
 PF Prince Fielder
 PF2 Prince Fielder
 PM Paul Molitor
 RB Ryan Braun
 RW Rickie Weeks
 YG Yovani Gallardo
 YG2 Yovani Gallardo

Peak Performace Autographs
MG Mat Gamel
 PF Prince Fielder
 PF2 Prince Fielder
 RB Ryan Braun

Peak Performace Auto Relics
PF Prince Fielder
PF2 Prince Fielder
RB Ryan Braun

Peak Performace Dual Relics
BR - Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder

Peak Performace Jumbo Relics
YG - Yovani Gallardo

Attax Code Cards
Yovani Gallardo

Framed Silk Cards
S1 Prince Fielder
S65 Yovani Gallardo

In the Name Relics
All card 1 of 1, each player has multiple cards that spell out their name
INR-48 Prince Fielder
INR-50 Ryan Braun

Tales of the Game
TOG18 Prince Fielder BP HR at Age 12

Ticket to Toppstown
Base and Gold
TTT24 Ryan Braun

Turkey Red Inserts
TR13 Yovani Gallardo
 TR18 Ryan Braun
 TR56 Alcides Escobar
 TR65 Prince Fielder
 TR117 Carlos Gomez
 TR145 Robin Yount

Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Topps Tribute Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

I'll be adding images as I find them.

2015 Topps Tribute Baseball
Base, Green #/99, Black #/50, Purple #/10, Red 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
38 Carlos Gomez
49 Jonathan Lucroy
63 Robin Yount
78 Ryan Braun

Base #/189 or less, Green #/99, Orange #/75, Black #'d, Gold #/25, Purple #/10, Red 1/1, Onyx 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
TA-RB Ryan Braun
TA-RY Robin Yount

Diamond Cuts Relics
Base #/199, Orange #/75, Black #/50, Gold Patch #/25, Purple Patch #/10, Red Patch 1/1
DC-RB Ryan Braun

Dimensions of the Game
Robin Yount

Prime Patches
Base #/45, Purple #/10
PP-RB Ryan Braun

Base #/199, Green #/150, Orange #/75, Black #/50, Gold Patch #/25, Purple Patch #/10, Red Patch 1/1
TR-PM Paul Molitor
TR-RY Robin Yount

Base cards

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015 Topps Opening Day Baseball Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

I'll be adding images after this goes live

2015 Topps Opening Day
Base, Blue Opening Day Edition, Opening Day 1/1 Edition, Printing Plates 1/1
7 Matt Garza
44 Jonathan Lucroy
51 Aramis Ramirez
53 Jean Segura
60 Ryan Braun
61 Yovani Gallardo
195 Carlos Gomez

Franchise Flashbacks
FF-02 Ryan Braun
FF-16 Jonathan Lucroy

Hit the Dirt 
HTD-08 Carlos Gomez

M-16 Bernie Brewer

Opening Day Stars
ODS-21 Ryan Braun

Blue Parallel #/2015

1 of 1 edition
Mascot Insert

Hit the Dirt insert

Opening Day Stars insert
Franchise Flashback insert

Monday, March 16, 2015

2014 Panini Prizm Baseball Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

Slowly going back through 2014 and putting together galleries for all the releases to link to the main 2014 checklist.

Panini Prizm
Base, Base Prizms, Camo Prizms, Red/White/Blue Pulsar Prizms, Purple Prizms #d99, Blue Mojo Prizms #d75, Orange Die Cut #d60, 42 Prizms #d42, Red Prizms #d25, Gold Prizms #d10, Finite Prizms 1 of 1
18 Ryan Braun
80 Carlos Gomez
120 Jean Segura
187 Jimmy Nelson RC

Autograph Prizms
Base, Purple #d99, Blue Mojo #d75, Gold #d10, Black 1 of 1
27 Jean Segura

Rookie Autograph Prizms
Base, Purple #d 99, Mojo #d 75, Gold #d 10, Black 1 of 1

70 Jimmy Nelson

Diamond Dominace
Base, Base Prizm, Purple Prizm #d 99, Blue Mojo #d 75, Red Prizms #d25, Gold Prizm #d10, Finite 1 of 1
12 Carlos Gomez

Gold Leather Die Cuts
Base, Base Prizm, Purple Prizm #d 99, Blue Moho #d 75, Red Prizms #d 25, Gold Prizm #d 10, Finte 1 of 1
5 Carlos Gomez

Signature Prizms
32 Yovani Gallardo

Top of the Order
Base, Base Prizm, Purple Prizm #d 99, Blue Mojo #d 75, Red Prizm #d 25, Gold Prizm #d 10, Finite 1 of 1
14 Jean Segura

Friday, March 13, 2015

2014 Topps Chipz Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

The Sophmore year for the Chipz set.  More parallels and no autographs this year.  Relics are back but the Brewers don't have a player featured.  Again the chipz are unnumbered.

Topps Chipz
Base, Red (1:2 packs), Blue (1:3 packs), Black (1:4 packs), Silver (1:10 packs), Gold (1:36 packs), Glow-in-the-Dark, Magnetic
Jean Segura
Ryan Braun
Carlos Gomez

2013 Topps Chipz Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

Going back a few years.  Figured I'd put together a couple checklists leading up to this years Chipz release which is suppose to be today

Topps Chipz
Base, Glow-in-the-Dark 1:2, Gold 1:3, Magnetic 1:4, Silver 1:4
Ryan Braun
Rickie Weeks
John Axford





Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Carlos Lee and something orange

It feels like all I've been doing is posting checklists, let me check, scratch that.  All I've been doing is posting checklists.  I'll leave the breaking Brewers news to those that live a tad closer. So really all I have our my cards and checklists.  I've been making a concerted effort to keep up with all the new releases.  I unfortunately have fallen behind getting my legacy checklists up. I know the 80's, 90's and part of the 2000's need to be finished.  It'll happen, when I don't know.  But the point is I want to do other things as well and shoot I might as well start posting some Brewers cards.  

I have two awesome card shops all with in a 15 minute drive from my house.  And the best part is both shops are slightly different.  

Don's Sportcards is a pure hobby shop, while Bosco's is a mix of Comics, Cards, Games, and other collectibles, a true nerdtopia if you will.

Both are great and I stop by both frequently.  Don's has a wall he calls the Drop Board.  He puts cards on it and starts the price off under book value. Every week the price drops till it sells or hits $1.  I love stopping buy and picking up a nice selection of $1 relics and autos even if they aren't of players or teams I collect, I know they'll help pad my trade box.  

Every so often I find a player I collect.   Don had a bunch of these 2005 Topps Update relics on the board and I picked up all of them.  And as luck would have it one also featured a Brewer. 

Carlos had a decent Major League career.  Was it good enough to get him into the Hall of Fame? Probably not, but Carlos was an All-Star 3 years in a row.  He was traded to the Rangers in July of 2006 and eventually would sign a huge contract with the Astros in 2007.  He retired in 2012 finishing with the Marlins.  Carlos has a couple cattle ranches, one in his native Panama and one in Texas.

I'll have to look to add an autograph to my collection too.  Luckily Carlos has a few from 2005 featured in a Brewers uni and most are under $5.

Friday, March 6, 2015

2015 Donruss Baseball Series 1 Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

Round 2 for Panini's Donruss Baseball.

The Brewers have 4 relic cards, but out of 94 subjects in the set's autograph series not a single Brewer is featured.  I do like that there are 6 different Brewers featured throughout the inserts and not just all Ryan Braun.  We also get Robin Yount's first new card of the season.

2015 Panini Donruss Baseball
Diamond Kings/Base Parallels: Hot off the Press, Career Stat Line #/400 or less, Season Stat Line #/400 or less, Silver Press Proof #/199, Gold Press Proof #/99
Rated Rookies Parallels: Hot off the Press, Silver Die-Cut #/750, Career Stat Line #/400 or less, Season Stat Line #/400 or less, Silver Press Proof #/199, Gold Press Proof #/99, Gold Die-Cut #/25
16 Ryan Braun DK
114 Ryan Braun
115 Carlos Gomez
116 Jonathan Lucroy
117 Francisco Rodriguez

All Time Diamond Kings
Base, Silver Press Proof #/49, Gold Press Proof #/10
8 Robin Yount

Bat Kings
Base, Studio Series #/25
12 Gerardo Parra

Base, Gold Status Die-Cut #/49, Red Status Die-Cut #/25,Black Status Die-Cut 1/1
16 Jonathan Lucroy

Jersey Kings
Base,  Studio Series #/25 or less
11 Carlos Gomez
31 Aramis Ramirez
39 Yovani Gallardo

The Elite Series 
18 Ryan Braun

Base cards

Career Stat Line parallel

Career Stat Line Parallel
Press Proof parallel

Elite Insert

Elite Series Insert

Jersey Kings Relic Insert
Jersey Kings Studio Parallel relic #/25
Bat Kings Studio Series #/25

All-Time Diamond Kings Insert 

Silver Press Proof #/49

Gold Press Proof #/10