Friday, January 29, 2021

1986 Milwaukee Brewers Pocket Schedule - WVTV 18

I recently completed a trade on Twitter for a stack of Brewers Pocket schedules.  I'm posting one per day to archive them here.  My 1986 example features the WCTV-18 style.  This schedule is similar  to the 1985 WVTV-18 schedule featuring a very comic book like Brewer featured on the front and from my brief job around the internet the only sponsor to be featured on this design for that year.  Man how great would it be to see a game for under $10 for great seats.  

Thursday, January 28, 2021

1985 Milwaukee Brewers Pocket Schedule (WTMJ)

 Keeping on with my newly acquired Milwaukee Brewers pocket schedule from a recent Twitter trade is this great 1985 example featuring what looks like a Charles Linnett portrait of manager George Bamberger.  Just a quick google search shows a ton of different advertisers for this year's schedule.  I love the time capsule of information this little quadfold this schedule holds from game times and opponents to the special events and promotional nights that were held that year.  The schedule also keeps the team colors color scheme.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

1984 Milwaukee Brewers Pocket Schedule (WCLO)

 I had mentioned a few posts ago that the example pocket schedules I'm posting are just one's I have in  my possession from a recent trade and there are likely many different variations of schedules based on advertiser and also different styles all together.  None more evident that this example with WCLO proudly emblazoned on this one.  WCLO is a Janesville based AM station with WTMJ being the main Milwaukee area Brewers station.  And a quick eBay search confirms there are many, many variations of this layout, plus numerous other totally different schedules.  Schedules like this would have been available to grab at gas stations, bars, and other places like that in the Janesville area.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

1983 Milwaukee Brewers Pocket Schedule

 Next up in the stack of pocket schedules I got from my recent Twitter trade is this 1983 example.  I should point out I'm no expert in pocket schedules, but I would hazard a guess that in any given year there might be more than one design floating round, so the examples I'm posting are just of the ones I have in my possession.  

The 1983 schedule keeps the same County Stadium diagram, Brewers TV station map and color scheme for the calendar.  The High Life add is similar to last year's but different and the front of the schedule we get a nice nod to the Crew winning the pennant the year before.

Monday, January 25, 2021

1982 Milwaukee Brewers Pocket Schedule

Next pocket schedule is this great from the Brewers World Series year of 1982.  This is a great schedule and quite a departure from the 1981 schedule I posted earlier.  We have a Miller High Life add and a great photo collage on the front with Rollie Fingers, a teenie tiny Robin Yount and manager Buck Rodgers.  Rodgers was the manager at the start of the season but was replaced with Harvey Kuenn.  I love the overall look of the schedule especially the blue and yellow color scheme of the calender, state, and stadium diagram.


1981 Brewers Pocket Schedule

I recently completed a twitter trade and was able to acquire a nice stack of old Brewers Pocket Schedules and I thought I'd scan and post them on here to document them so other pocket schedule and Brewers collectors can enjoy them.  

First up is this great 1981 pocket schedule.  Very utilitarian.  Don't forget Cushion Night!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

2020 Bowman Heritage Ultimate Milwaukee Brewers Checklist and Gallery

2020 Bowman Heritage
Base, Black and White
28 Lorenzo Cain
51 Dan Vogelbach
100 Christian Yelich

Bowman Chrome Prospects
Base, Refractor #/199, Blue #/99, Yellow #/75, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
92CP-AA Aaron Ashby
92CP-BT Brice Turang
92CP-NB Nick Bennett
92CP-TL Tristen Lutz
92CP-ZB Zack Brown

Bowman Prospects
Base, Black and White
BHP-34 Zack Brown
BHP-35 Brice Turang
BHP-57 Aaron Ashby
BHP-81 Tristen Lutz
BHP-140 Nick Bennett

Chrome Prospects Autographs
Base, Refractor #/99, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Red #/5, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
92PA-AA Aaron Ashby
92PA-AHI Adam Hill

Friday, January 8, 2021

2020 Topps Holiday Baseball Ultimate Brewers Checklist

2020 Topps Holiday Baseball
Base, Metallic, Gold Metallic 1/1
HW53 Luis Urias
HW110 Josh Hader
HW155 Christian Yelich
HW166 Ryan Braun
HW179 Ronny Rodriguez
HW197 Keston Hiura

HW155 Christian Yelich SP (ornament hanging from glove)
HW155 Christian Yelich Rare (Candy cane bat)
HW155 Christian Yelich Super Rare

Autographed Relics
Base, Metallic #'d , Gold Metallic 1/1
WHAR-CY Christian Yelich

Base, Holiday #'d, Gold Metallic 1/1
WHR-CY Christian Yelich
WHR-JH Josh Hader

Oversized Die-Cut Ornaments
WHO-KH Keston Hiura

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2020 Panini Elite Extra Edition Ultimate Brewers Checklist

2020 Panini Elite Extra Edition
Base #/999, Pink, 203rd Decade Die-Cut #/203, Turn of the Century #/120, Black 1/1, Black Die-Cut 1/1.  Aspriations Parallels: Green #/499 (only 101-200), Orange #/149 (only 101-200), Die-Cut #/49 or less, Gold Die-Cut #/24, Status Parallels: Blue #/249 (only 101-200), Purple #/249 (only 101-200), Die-Cut #/25 or less, Gold Die-Cut #/10.  Prime Numbers Parallels: Gold #/24, Gold Die-Cut #/10
20 Garrett Mitchell 
53 Freddy Zamora 
92 Zavier Warren 
128 Joey Wiemer
158 Hayden Cantrelle
171 Drew Rasmussen

All-Time First Round Materials
Base, Orange #/49, Red #/19, Purple #/7, Platinum #/1
7 Robin Yount

Base Signatures
Base, Aspriations (various numbering), Aspriations Gold #/24, Prime Numbers (various) Prime Numbers Die-Cut (Various) Black 1/1, Black Die-Cut 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
20 Garrett Mitchell
53 Freddy Zamora
92 Zavier Warren
128 Joey Wiemer
158 Hayden Cantrelle
171 Drew Rasmussen

College Tickets
Base, Holo, Gold #/10, Gold Vinyl 1/1
8 Garrett Mitchell – UCLA Bruins
27 Freddy Zamora – Miami Hurricanes
41 Zavier Warren – Central Michigan Chippewas

College Tickets Signatures
Base, Holo, Gold #/10, Gold Vinyl 1/1
8 Garrett Mitchell – UCLA Bruins
27 Freddy Zamora – Miami Hurricanes
41 Zavier Warren – Central Michigan Chippewas
11 Tristen Lutz /299
23 Brice Turang /299

Hidden Gems
Base,  Red/White/Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Emerald #/5, Holo Silver 1/1.
41 Dylan File

17 Garrett Mitchell