Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 Topps Allen and Ginter Brewers Ultimate Checklist

One of my favorite releases of the year.  Here's what I could find from the checklist.  I make no promises that I didn't miss anything, but I think  this is mostly complete.  I have also added this set to my ultimate checklist found on the top of the blog.

Topps Allen and Ginter
Base, Glossy 1 of 1, Mini base, A&G Back, Black Border, Gold, No number, Red Border #d to 33, Black Flag (hand numbered to 25), Wood 1of 1, Printing Plates, Glossy mini 1 of 1
156 Jean Segura
163 Paul Molitor
205 Robin Yount
231 Carlos Gomez
291 Aramis Ramirez
295 Ryan Braun
336 Wily Peralta SP

Mini Exclusive (Only found in Rip cards)
387 Carlos Gomez

Mini Metal
39 Ryan Braun
73 Jean Segura
76 Aramis Ramirez

39 Ryan Braun
73 Jean Segura
76 Aramis Ramirez

Framed Autographs
AGA-JSE Jean Segura
AGA-WP Wily Peralta

Book Cards Dual
AGBC-YS  Robin Youn -Ozzie Smith

Framed Relics Group A
RA-JSE Jean Segura

Framed Relics Group B
RB-RB Ryan Braun

Full Sized Relic cards
FSR-JS Jean Segura
FRB-CGO Carlos Gomez
FRB-RB Ryan Braun
Pastime's Pastimes
PP-JSE Jean Segura
PP-RB Ryan Braun

RIP Cards
RIP-34 Jean Segura
RIP-35 Ryan Braun

Double RIP Cards
DRIP-10 Jean Segura - Ryan Braun
DRIP-76 Robin Yount - Paul Molitor