2010 Ultimate Brewers Checklist

1 Ryan Braun
22 Alcides Escobar
50 Prince Fielder
71 Yovani Gallardo

Base, Refractors #/500, Blue #/250, Gold #/50, SuperFractor #1/1, Printing Plates #1/1
BP67 Evan Anundsen
BP79 Eric Farris

1992 Throwbacks
BT37 Ryan Braun
BT43 Prince Fielder
BT93 Yovani Gallardo

BE10 Ryan Braun - Mat Gamel
BE45 Prince Fielder Brewers - Chris Carter A’s

Top 100 Prospects
TP16 Alcides Escobar
TP67 Eric Arnett
TP95 Mat Gamel

Bowman Chrome
  1 Ryan Braun
  54 Alcides Escobar
  61 Prince Fielder
  104 Yovani Gallardo
  200 Jonathan Lucroy RC

 BCP67 Evan Anundsen
  BCP79 Eric Farris
  BCP121 Max Walla
  BCP158 Taylor Green
  BCP206 Scooter Gennett

Bowman Chrome Mini (Factory set)
Base, Refractor, Black Shimmer Refractor (Hot Box exclusive), Yellow Refractor #/25, Blue Refractor #/20, Green Refractor #/15, Orange Refractor #/10, Red Refractor #/5, Indigo Refractor #/3, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
18 Dustin DeMuth
56 Monte Harrison
148 Devin Williams
171 Troy Stokes
198 Jacob Gatewood
247 Orlando Arcia
263 Nick Ramirez
288 Tucker Neuhaus
289 Michael Ratterree
290 Jason Rogers

301 Kodi Medeiros

Bowman Draft Picks
  BDP5 John Axford RC
  BDP22 Jonathan Lucroy RC
  BDP56 Lorenzo Cain RC
  BDP110 Josh Butler RC
BDPP10 Tyler Thornburg
  BDPP58 Cody Hawn

Bowman Draft Chrome
BDP5 John Axford RC
  BDP22 Jonathan Lucroy RC
  BDP56 Lorenzo Cain RC
  BDP110 Josh Butler RC
BDPP10 Tyler Thornburg
  BDPP58 Cody Hawn

Bowman Platinum
 7 Ryan Braun
 33 Prince Fielder

Donruss Elite Extra Edition
Base, Aspirations #d 200, Status #d 100, Emerald Status #d 25, Gold Status #d 10
8 Hunter Morris
41 Jimmy Nelson
51 Brooks Hall
61 Austin Ross
74 Brian Garman
89 Max Walla

156 Tyler Thornburg AU
174 Matt Miller AU
189 Greg Holle AU

Back to the Future Signatures
12 Khris Davis #d 249

Topps Allen and Ginter
Base, Mini, A and G back minis, Black border mini's, No numbered minis #d 50, Bazooka backed minis #d 25, Framed Silk mini's #d to 10, Wood minis #d to 1, printing plates

 3 Ryan Braun
  4 Prince Fielder
  43 Yovani Gallardo
  115 Trevor Hoffman
  168 Rickie Weeks
  190 Randy Wolf
  309 Casey McGehee SP
  321 Carlos Gomez SP
  350 Alcides Escobar SP

 AGA-AE Alcides Escobar
AGA-RB Ryan Braun
AGA-YG Yovani Gallardo

Red Ink Autographs
 AGA-AE Alcides Escobar
AGA-RB Ryan Braun
AGA-YG Yovani Gallardo

Book Cards
AGBC4 Ryan Braun - Ian Kinsler
AGBC6 Ryan Howard - Prince Fielder

Cabinet Relics
PF Prince Fielder
RB Ryan Braun

N43-PF Prince Fielder
N43-RB Ryan Braun

N43 Autographs
N43BA-RB Ryan Braun

N43 Relics
N43BR-PF Prince Fielder
N43B$-RB Ryan Braun

AGR-PF Prince Fielder
AGR-RB Ryan Braun
AGR-YG Yovani Gallardo

Rip Cards
RC20 Corey Hart #d 99
RC67 Yovani Gallardo #d 50

PS10 Ryan Braun
 PS23 Prince Fielder

This Day in History
  TDH46 Yovani Gallardo
  TDH55 Ryan Braun

Topps------> Gallery
Base, Throwback (Target), All Black (Walmart), Gold #d 2010, Red #d 299 (Factory Set), Black Border #d 59, Platinum 1 of 1, Printing Plates
  1 Prince Fielder
  19 Felipe Lopez
  53 Craig Counsell
  72 Milwaukee Brewers - Franchise History
  116 Carlos Gomez
  124 Rickie Weeks
  151 Mat Gamel
  163 Josh Butler RC
  176 Yovani Gallardo
  216 Mike Cameron
  237 Brew Crew Knockout Ryan Braun - Prince Fielder CL
  248 Jason Kendall
  281 Braden Looper
  331 Ryan Braun
  350 Bernie's Bash Brothers Prince Fielder - Ryan Braun CL
  364 Trevor Hoffman
  391 Manny Parra
  462 Alcides Escobar
  518 Corey Hart
  574 Milwaukee Brewers
  609 Jeff Suppan
  649 Casey McGehee

Short Print Variations
116 Robin Yount

Cards Your Mom Threw Out
Base and Original Back
 CMT24 Robin Yount ‘75
 CMT31 Paul Molitor ‘82
 CMT38 Gary Sheffield ‘89
 CMT86 Paul Molitor '79
 CMT92 Robin Yount '85
 CMT151 Paul Molitor '86

Topps 2020
T1 Ryan Braun

Legendary Lineage
 LL20 Frank Thomas White Sox & Prince Fielder Brewers
 LL21 Hank Greenberg Tigers & Ryan Braun Brers
 LL41 Jimmie Foxx A's & Prince Fielder Brewers
 LL47 Frank Robinson Reds & Ryan Braun Brewers

Legendary Lineage Relics
LLR-GR Hank Greenberg, Ryan Braun
LLR-RB Frank Robinson, Ryan Braun
LLR-TF Frank Thomas, Prince Fielder

Logoman HTA Promotion
9 Ryan Braun
 40 Prince Fielder

Maufactured Hat Patches
MHR25 Paul Molitor
 MHR94 Robin Yount
 MHR95 Robin Yount
 MHR135 Prince Fielder
 MHR169 Ryan Braun
 MHR-194 Ryan Braun
 MHR-198 Prince Fielder
 MHR-292 Mike Cameron
 MHR-363 Rollie Fingers
 MHR-379 Robin Yount

Peak Performance
 30 Prince Fielder
 42 Ryan Braun

Peak Performace Relics
 AE Alcides Escobar
 JG Jody Gerut
 MG Mat Gamel
 MP Manny Parra
 PF Prince Fielder
 PF2 Prince Fielder
 PM Paul Molitor
 RB Ryan Braun
 RW Rickie Weeks
 YG Yovani Gallardo
 YG2 Yovani Gallardo

Peak Performace Autographs
MG Mat Gamel
 PF Prince Fielder
 PF2 Prince Fielder
 RB Ryan Braun

Peak Performace Auto Relics
PF Prince Fielder
PF2 Prince Fielder
RB Ryan Braun

Peak Performace Dual Relics
BR - Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder

Peak Performace Jumbo Relics
YG - Yovani Gallardo

Attax Code Cards
Yovani Gallardo

Framed Silk Cards
S1 Prince Fielder
S65 Yovani Gallardo

In the Name Relics
All card 1 of 1, each player has multiple cards that spell out their name
INR-48 Prince Fielder
INR-50 Ryan Braun

Tales of the Game
TOG18 Prince Fielder BP HR at Age 12

Ticket to Toppstown
Base and Gold
TTT24 Ryan Braun

Turkey Red Inserts
TR13 Yovani Gallardo
 TR18 Ryan Braun
 TR56 Alcides Escobar
 TR65 Prince Fielder
 TR117 Carlos Gomez
 TR145 Robin Yount

Topps 206
Base, Bronze
  39 Yovani Gallardo
  47 Rickie Weeks
  74 Carlos Gomez
  125 Prince Fielder
  153 Ryan Braun
  200 Corey Hart
  240 Casey McGehee
  243 Alcides Escobar
  267 Manny Parra
  315 Ryan Braun SP
  348 Ryan Braun SP

TC7 Yovani Gallardo
  TC27 Ryan Braun

Topps Attax
 Corey Hart
 Felipe Lopez
 Prince Fielder
 Ryan Braun
 Yovani Gallardo

 Ryan Braun
  Prince Fielder
  Yovani Gallardo

Topps Chrome
Base, Refractor, Blue Refractor #/199, Gold Refractor #/50, Orange Refractors, Purple Refractors #/599, Red Refractor #/25, Superfractor #/1, Printing Plates #/1, X-Fractors
1 Prince Fielder
58 Yovani Gallardo
137 Ryan Braun

206 Chrome
Base, Refractors, Blue Refractor #/199,Gold Refractor #/50, Red Refractor #/25, Superfractor #/1, Printing Plates #/1
TC7 Yovani Gallardo
TC27 Ryan Braun

National Chicle
Base #/999, Refractors #/499, Blue Refractor #/199,Gold Refractor #/50, Red Refractor #/25, Superfractor #/1, Printing Plates #/1
CC30 Ryan Braun

Topps Finest
Base, Refractor #/699, Blue Refractor #/399, Green Refractor #/99, Gold Refractor #/50, Red Refractor #/25, Purple Refractor #1/1
4 Ryan Braun
17 Prince Fielder
108 Yovani Gallardo
110 Felipe Lopez
147 Josh Butler RC

Finest Moments Autographs
Base, Red #/25, Purple #1
FMA-PF Prince Fielder B
FMA-RB Ryan Braun?
FMA-YG Yovani Gallardo A?

Topps Heritage
 152 Prince Fielder
 183 Felipe Lopez
 211 Rickie Weeks
 284 Yovani Gallardo
 393 Ryan Braun
 414 Alcides Escobar
 433 Casey McGehee SP
 454 Corey Hart SP
 456 Carlos Gomez SP
 492 Ryan Braun AS SP

Advertising Panels
12 Prince Fielder / Charlie Manuel / Juan Francisco
15 Zack Greinke / Prince Fielder / Charlie Manuel

Base #/1961, Refractors #/561, Black Refractors #/61
C41 Prince Fielder
C92 Ryan Braun
C132 Yovani Gallardo

New Age Performers 
NA15 Prince Fielder

Team Stamp Panels
16 Milwaukee Brewers / Ryan Braun / Prince Fielder

Then and Now
TN2  Roger Maris / Prince Fielder

Topps National Chicle
Base, NC Back, Bazooka Back,
5 Prince Fielder
95 Ryan Braun
121 Yovani Gallardo
189 Mat Gamel
210 Robin Yount
213 Paul Molitor

 CC30 Ryan Braun

Topps Opening Day
Base, Opening Day #/2010, Printing Plates
1 Prince Fielder
  10 Felipe Lopez
  78 Yovani Gallardo
  162 Corey Hart
  184 Ryan Braun

Opening Day Attax
Ryan Braun

M13 Bernie Brewer

Superstar Celebrations
SC1 Ryan Braun

Topps Town Stars
TTS16 Prince Fielder

Where'd you go Bazooka Joe
WBJ6 Prince Fielder

Topps Sterling
24 Ryan Braun
52 Robin Yount
57 Paul Molitor
113 Prince Fielder

Topps Tribute
 54 Prince Fielder
 67 Ryan Braun

Topps Triple Threads
 8 Ryan Braun
  45 Prince Fielder

Topps Update------------->Gallery
Base, Gold #/2010, Red #/299 (Factory Set), Black Border #/59 (Hobby/Jumbo), Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1 (Hobby/Jumbo)
US32 Doug Davis  
US35 Ryan Braun
US47 Jody Gerut
US62 Chris Narveson
US77 John Axford RC
US132 Corey Hart
US143 Jonathan Lucroy RC
US173 Lorenzo Cain RC
US182 Randy Wolf
US 215 Albert Pujols - Ryan Braun AS
US246 LaTroy Hawkins  
US269 Dave Bush
US291 Corey Hart
US324 George Kottaras

All Star Stitches
Base, Gold #/50, Platinum 1/1
AS-CH Corey Hart
AS-RB Ryan Braun
AS-YG Yovani Gallardo

All Star Stitches Jumbo Relics #/6
ASJP-CH Corey Hart
ASJP-RB Ryan Braun
ASJP-YG Yovani Gallardo

All Star Stitches Dual Relics #/25
ASSD-HB Josh Hamilton / Ryan Braun

All Star Stitches Triple Relics #/25
ASST-FTH Prince Fielder / Mark Teixeira / Ryan Howard
ASST-BHE Ryan Braun / Jason Heyward / Andre Ethier

All Star Stitches Autographs #/25
ASAR-YG Yovani Gallardo

Cards Your Mother Threw Out
Base and Original Back
CMT151 Paul Molitor

Chrome Refractor Rookie Boxloader 
CHR24 Jonathan Lucroy
CHR31 Lorenzo Cain

Commemorative Manufactured Retail Patches
MCP142 Ryan Braun

Manufactured Bat Barrels
Base #d 99, Black #d 25, Pink 1 of 1
MBB-1 Ryan Braun
MBB-15 Prince Fielder
MBB-26 Casey McGehee
MBB-49 Corey Hart
MBB-137 Paul Molitor
MBB-156 Robin Yount

Peak Performace Autographs
PPA-AES Alcides Escobar
PPA-PF Prince Fielder
PPA-RB Ryan Braun

1951 Red Backs (Target)
45 Ryan Braun

Silk Collection #/50
S253 Dave Bush
S254 Jody Gerut
S255 George Kottaras
S256 LaTroy Hawkins

Turkey Red
TR117 Carlos Gomez
TR145 Robin Yount

Attax Code Cards
 Ryan Braun

Tristar Obak
61 Tommie Aaron

Upper Deck
Base, Gold #d 99, 
289 Corey Hart
290 Jody Gerut
291 Ryan Braun
292 Mike Cameron
293 Casey McGehee
294 Mat Gamel
296 Braden Looper
297 Yovani Gallardo
298 Mike Rivera
299 Carlos Villanueva
300 Jeff Suppan
301 Mitch Stetter
302 David Riske
303 Manny Parra
304 Seth McClung
305 Todd Coffey
556 Milwaukee Brewers BP
586 Milwaukee Brewers CL

Season Biography
 SB19 Ryan Braun
 SB21 Dave Bush
 SB28 Yovani Gallardo
 SB51 Jason Kendall
 SB87 Prince Fielder
 SB171 Casey McGehee
 SB187 Jody Gerut

Game Jersey
BR Ryan Braun
  PF Prince Fielder

Game Patch
 BR Ryan Braun

SE47 Alcides Escobar
  SE48 Yovani Gallardo
  SE49 Ryan Braun

Pure Heat
PH12 Prince Fielder

Signature Sensations
  AE Alcides Escobar
  MG Mat Gamel
  PF Prince Fielder
  RB Ryan Braun
  YG Yovani Gallardo

Tape Measure Shots
 TMS15 Prince Fielder

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