Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Gypsy Queen Brewers team set and inserts

I do believe I've gotten all the regular base cards and inserts from this set now.  I don't have a complete mini's set yet and there are, of course, many mini variations too, such as, the red gypsy queen packs, sephia, black border and leather.

So here we have all 8 of the base cards.
#11 Zack Greinke, doing pretty good so far now that he's back.

#37 the future of the franchise Ryan "the Hebrew Hammer" Braun.

#61 the Legendary Robin Yount.

#86 my favorite pudgy vegetarian Prince "I'm going to be a Yankee next year" Fielder.

#127 the solid Rickie Weeks.

#138 Yovani Gallardo.

#140 the new ace in the hole Shaun Marcum.

and #219 Casey McGehee.
Now on to the inserts.

HH8 Prince Fielder Home Run Heroes.

SF14 Alcides Escobar Sticky Fingers, naughty.

GO 18 Great Ones Robin Yount.

GO 20 the Great Ones, the man, the mustache, Rollie Fingers. Rollie also has a base card in this set as an A.

Onto the relics.

GQR-RB Ryan Braun jersey relic,

GQR-PF Prince Fielder jersey relic, and

FMRC-PF Prince Fielder framed jersey relic.

There you have it.  No short prints and no Brewer autos in this set.  If I finish any of the parallel sets I post them here too. I'm working on a copper framed and green framed set.  Not too hard with you only have 8 cards to a team set.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Base set with SP's complete at last.

Last year I foolishly attempted to complete the Heritage set.  I spent way to much money and I'm still not done.  So this year I decided to use all my will power and have bought very little of this product.  I did break down and by a hobby box since prices at the LCS were cheap compared to online prices.  I decided to put together the team set and hopfully I'll be able to snag the few Brewers relics eventually for cheap.
So here is the 2011 Heritage Brewers Team set with SP's!!