Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Congrats Princy!

Congrats to Prince Fielder taking home the  82nd All Star Game MVP honors, and screw all you Arizona dicks for acting like douches during the game.  Too bad the Brewers won't be able to afford the slugger in free agency but Prince is set for a huge payday next year to who ever he ends up playing for.

cb out.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Topps Marquee Baseball Brewers Checklist

I just signed up for a group break for this stuff.  I choose the Brew Crew as my main team and then I will randomly get a second team of the 15 that were not chosen.  I'm actually hoping for the A's since Rollie Fingers has a few cards in this set as well.  But I hemmed and hawed at actually forking up the dough for this, but to be honest the Brew Crew has a fairly nice representation in the offering. As long as Paul Molitor is in a Brewers Uni for the set and I'll assume that he is right now since I can't figure out if he is or not.

So here is what I was able to gleem from the published checklist and sell sheet.  Of course I might have missed someone and things are always subject to change but here it is.

Base cards
1 Ryan Braun
37 Prince Fielder
63 Zack Grienke

Unnumbered base
Blue #d to 299
Copper #d to 199
Gold #d to 99
Platinium #d 1/1

Monumental Markings Single Player On card autos!

MM-RB Ryan Braun

Cards are numbered but it was not released how high.
Gold #d to 5

Single Player Dual Relic Autographed cards

AID-3 Prince Fielder
AID-18 Ryan Braun
AID-36 Paul Molitor
Card are numbered but again not published to what number.
Gold #d to 5
Red 1/1

There is also a single player triple relic auto, but the Brewers are not represented.  Here's the mock up of the red 1/1 anyways.

Titanic Jumbo Relics

TTJR-48 Paul Molitor
TTJR-65 Ryan Braun
TTJR-66 Prince Fielder

#d to 99
Gold #d to 10

Titanice Jumbo Patch Relics

TTJP-24 Ryan Braun
#d to 5
There might also be a 1/1 to these too but it wasn't mentioned on the sell sheet.

Titanic Jumbo Relic Autographs
TTJA-16 Paul Molitor
TTJA-50 Ryan Braun
TTJA-56 Prince Fielder
 #d to 10 Topps didn't have a mock up on the sell sheet for these cards.

Quad Patch Relics

GMQP-24 Ryan Braun
#d to 5

Game-Time Mementos Single Player Quad Relics
GMQR-4 Prince Fielder
GMQR-35 Ryan Braun
#d to 199
Gold #d to 25

Museum Collection On card Autos
MCA-21 Paul Molitor
MCA-39 Ryan Braun
MCA-41 Prince Fielder

#d to 10

There you have it.

CB out