Monday, April 9, 2012

The 70's they're done!!

A few years back I decided to try and organize my Brewers team collection.  I had been pretty haphazard up until then.  Picking up random Brewers relics and autos, keeping extra base cards from sets I was putting together or packs I opened.  I finally decided to try and put together full team sets.  My over all objective was to have a team set or every issue ever to feature a Brewer in it.  That's a little overwhelming to say the least, so I broke it down into easier chunks.  The first of those chunks was get a complete team set from all Topps flagship issues from 1971 to present.  Well I'm happy to say that the 70's are finally done.  And since this was by far the hardest and most expensive to finish, I'm very happy.  I'd also like to thank all those great traders out there that sent me cards along the way and still do.  I'm close to finishing up the 80's and 90's.  Believe it or not finding singles from a lot of those sets is harder than you think.  I've been using to fill a lot of holes but even they don't have all I need.  If any one else knows a great website that has cheap commons with cheap shipping let me know.  I plan to feature all 9 70's sets here soon, other than the ones I've already featured.

thanks again