Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1971 Topps Milwaukee Brewers Set Finished

I've been accumulating Brewers cards for about 25 years now so it's about time I try to make sense of it all.  Hence the Brewers Super Set.  My first main goal of the super set is all the Topps flagship base cards, including Traded and Update Series.  And I just got my the final card I needed to finish the first produced Brewers Team set, 1971 Topps.

I suppose there are a few ways to order your team sets.  I prefer to order in number, but you could order your set alphabetically or by position.  Whew one of the hard ones down.  It may be complete but a lot of the cards are far from mint, hell they're far from excellent, so there's always room to upgrade later on. The black bordered cards Topps produced are terrible for showing flaws and that continues to this day.  I'm just happy to have the set done.  Now on the 1972!!!

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  1. Congrats! They look great. I think I'm finally zeroing in on my own collecting focus - doing the same with the Reds and Tigers!

    Got your cards out today. As I get back into this hobby and dig out my old cards, I'll keep you in mind and maybe we can work out another one later.