Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2017 Topps Update Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

2017 Topps Update
Base, Rainbow Foil, Purple (Toys R Us), Gold #/2017, Vintage Stock #/99, Black #/66, Mother’s Day Hot Pink #/50, Father’s Day Powder Blue #/50, Memorial Day #/25, Negative, Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
US96 Brett Phillips RC
US191 Corey Knebel
US193 Orlando Arcia
US209 Josh Hader RC
US226 Lewis Brinson
US266 Jett Bandy

Base Clear Parallel #/10
US96 Brett Phillips
US209 Josh Hader
US226 Lewis Brinson

1987 Topps Baseball - Rookies and Trades
Base, Red #/25, Platinum 1/1
US87-24 Orlando Arcia
US87-36 Eric Thames
US87-47 Lewis Brinson

1987 Topps Baseball Autographs
Base, Glossy #/15 or less, Wood #/10, Ash Wood #/5, Birch Wood 1/1
87A-BPH Brett Phillips
87A-ET Eric Thames
87A-LB Lewis Brinson

All-Star Stitches Relics
Base, Gold #/50, Orange #/25, Platinum 1/1
ASR-CKN Corey Knebel

MVP Award Commemorative Medallions
Base, Gold #/99, Black #/50, Platinum 1/1
MVPR-RY Robin Yount

Own The Name Relics #/1
OTN-RB Ryan Braun

Topps All-Rookie Cup
ARC-7 Ryan Braun
ARC-44 Prince Fielder

Topps Salute 
Base, Red #/25, Platinum 1/1
USS-19 Lewis Brinson
USS-33 Keon Broxton
USS-45 Ryan Braun

Topps Salute Autographs
Base,  Red #/10 or less, Platinum 1/1
SA-LB Lewis Brinson

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