Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 Bowman Platinum Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

2017 Bowman Platinum
Base,  Ice, Purple #/250, Green #/99, Orange #/25, Black #/10,  Gold 1/1 
64 Ryan Braun
92 Orlando Arcia

Top Prospects
Base,  Ice, Purple #/250, Green #'d, Orange #/25, Royal Blue, Black #/10, Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
TP-BP Brett Phillips
TP-BW Brandon Woodruff
TP-CR Corey Ray
TP-JH Josh Hader
TP-LB Lewis Brinson
TP-LO Luis Ortiz
TP-TCL Trent Clark
TP-ID Isan Diaz SP

Top Prospects Variation
TP-CR Corey Ray

Top Prospects Autographs
Base, Purple #/150, Green #/75, Orange #/25, Blue #/20, Black #/10, Gold 1/1
TP-BP Brett Phillips
TP-CR Corey Ray

Bowman's Next Generation
Base, Purple #/250, Green #/99, Orange #/25, Gold  1/1
BNG-LB Lewis Brinson

Platinum Cuts Autographs
Base #/25, Black #/10, Gold 1/1
PCA-CR Corey Ray

Platinum Presence
Base,  Green #/99, Orange #/25, Gold 1/1
PP-CR Corey Ray
PP-OA Orlando Arcia

Platinum Presence Autograph
Base #/50, Gold 1/1
PP-CR Corey Ray

Rookie Radar
Base, Purple #/250, Green #/99, Orange #/25, Gold 1/1
RR-OA Orlando Arcia

Tools of the Craft Autographs
Base #d,  Hitting, Arm, Power, Glove, Speed
TOCA-BP Brett Phillips

Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Topps Allen and Ginter Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

Slim pickings, even slimmer is you're not a Braun fan.  Images will be added as they start popping up.

2017 Allen and Ginter
Base, Hotbox, Glossy, Mini, Mini Gold Border, Mini A&G Base, Mini A&G Black Border, Mini A&G No Number, Mini A&G Brooklyn Back #/25, Mini A&G Wood 1/1, Mini A&G Glossy 1/1, Mini Framed Printing Plates 1/1
140 Ryan Braun
201 Orlando Arcia RC
260 Jonathan Villar

Mini Framed Cloth Card #/10
140 Ryan Braun

Mini Metal Card #/3
140 Ryan Braun

Rip Cards #d
RIP-18 Ryan Braun

Full-Sized Relics A 
FSRA-RB Ryan Braun

Single Autograped Relic Book Cards #d
ARBC-RB Ryan Braun

What a Day 
WAD-11 Ryan Braun

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 Topps Stadium Club Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

2017 Topps Stadium Club
Base, Gold Foil, Black Foil, Sepia, Black and White, Rainbow Foil #/25, First Day Issue #/10, Members Only #'d, Gold Rainbow Foil 1/1
47 Ryan Braun
130 Jonathan Villar
203 Hernan Perez
211 Zach Davies
284 Chase Anderson
285 Orlando Arcia
291 Jimmy Nelson

130 Jonathan Villar
203 Hernan Perez
285 Orlando Arcia

Base Chrome
Base, Refractor, Gold Minted, SuperFractor 1/1
SCC-25 Ryan Braun

Base Chrome Autographs
Base #d, Superfractor #/1
Ryan Braun

Power Zone
Base, Gold, Black #/99, Orange #/50, Gold Rainbow 1/1 
PZ-RB Ryan Braun

Power Zone Autographs
Base, Orange #/5, Gold Rainbow 1/1
PZA-RB Ryan Braun