Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2015 Platinum Series Baseball Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

I came across something interesting while perusing COMC.  The 2015 Platinum Series Baseball card game player cards.  I had totally missed this last year when it came out, probably because it came out with a whimper and died with a whimper.  The game was a start up the got backers off of Indiegogo.  You can read a review of the game and see the board and box and whole story here.  However I guess the game didn't sell very well and it's a one and done.  As a matter of fact you can find starter boxes, with game boards and 4 packs of cards on Amazon for $19.95 and boxes of player packs for about $35.  Supposedly there are 744 cards in the set and if that's broken down evenly that should be 20 cards per team.  The companies website has been shutdown and I have been unable to find a good checklist for the player card set.  So this checklist is a work in progress.  COMC has 13 Brewers player cards listed for sale.  Cards are not numbered or labeled for the player

Aramis Ramirez
Logan Schafer
Ryan Braun
Jean Segura
Jimmy Nelson
Elian Herrera
Carlos Gomez
Matt Garza
Scooter Gennett
Francisco Rodriguez
Adam Lind
Jonathan Lucroy
Neal Cotts -  (I think this might be Cotts only card featuring him as a Brewer)

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