Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Topps Strata Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

Topps is taking Strata to a higher end configuration with only 2 cards per box, both hits, one auto and one relic.  Surprisingly the Brewers do have cards in this product.  Mostly Braun, but Robin Yount also gets a couple new cards.  Images to come after release.

2015 Topps Strata Baseball
Clearly Authentic Autographed Relic
Base, Blue #'d, Green #/d, Black #/50, Gold #/25, Red MLB Logo Patch 1/1, Red Laundry Tag 1/1, Red Button 1/1, Red Button Hole 1/1, Red Majestic Patch Logo 1/1
CAAR-RB Ryan Braun

Strata Shadowbox Signatures
Base #d, Gold #/25, Red 1/1
SS-RY Robin Yount

Strata Signature Patches
Base #/25, Gold #/5, Red Rivet 1/1
SSP-RB Ryan Braun

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