Monday, November 2, 2015

2016 Brewers Fan Giveaways

The Brewers are slowly leaking out the giveaways and the giveaway schedule on social media.  This post will collect all that information and I'll also collect images for posterity.

1. April 10 Vintage Brewer Bobblehead
2. May 1 Ryan Braun Bobblehead
3. June 12 Hank Barking Bobblehead
4. June 26 Greg Vaughn Bobblehead
5. July 10 Bob Uecker Talking Alarm Clock
6. July 31 Jimmy Nelson Bobblehead
7. Aug 14 Craig Counsell Bobblehead

8. May 15 Jonathan Lucroy Replica Jersey (Kids only)
9. May 29 Bernie Brewer Paint your own Bobble (Kids only)
10. Aug 28 Jonathan Lucroy Chest Protector Backpack (Kids Only)

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