Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Topps Through the Mailers

With the release of Topps Series 1 a couple weeks away and Spring Training less than a month from now I'd figure I'd do a quick run down of the Brewers featured in the set and possible TTMing.

The Brewers have 10 players represented in the Series 1 base set.  I'm glad to see that Gallardo was left off the list with him being traded, but there are a couple other players already gone.

Here is the checklist.
56 Matt Garza
57 Lyle Overbay
101 Scooter Gennett
115 Khris Davis
230 Jean Segura
262 Ryan Braun
291 Mark Reynolds
293 Zach Duke
334 Gerardo Parra
340 Carlos Gomez

I've had success with Gennett and Davis, but none with Gomez, Braun, or Segura.  

That being said Lyle Overbay appears to have made good on his word and retired.  Mark Reynolds signed with the Cardinals and Zach Duke signed with the White Sox.  I've seen some success with Zach and none with Mark.

But overall I'm going to be sending out some Spring Training TTMs and I will probably hit up Scooter again, he signs pretty consistently.  If I can find a retirement address for Overbay I'd love to get him as well since last year was his second stint with the Crew.  I'll also be trying almost everyone still on the team. Heck I'll probably try Braun again too.

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