Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Topps Update Baseball Ultimate Brewers Checklist and Gallery

While the Update series doesn't get the much love I like it simply for the fact that you get a lot of players who were not featured in the first two series and some that hadn't had a Topps card yet. 

I'll add photos examples of the inserts as I find them.  This checklist has already been added to the master checklist on the tabs menu. 

Topps Update
Base, Red Hot Foil, Gold #/2014, Green Camo #/99, Black #/63, Pink #/50, Clear #/10 , Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1 
US-4 Mark Reynolds
US-9 Francisco Rodriguez
US-18 Aramis Ramirez
US-30 Elian Herrera
US-31 Francisco Rodriguez
US-123 Lyle Overbay
US-255 Jonathan Lucroy
US-302 Tom Gorzelanny
US-315 Carlos Gomez
US-318 Logan Schafer

1989 Topps Mini Die-Cuts
TM-RB Ryan Braun

All Star Stitches
Base, Gold #/50, Platinum 1/1
ASR-ARR Aramis Ramirez
ASR-CG Carlos Gomez
ASR-FR Francisco Rodriguez
ASR-JLU Jonathan Lucroy

All-Star Stitches Dual
ASD-GR Aramis Ramirez - Carlos Gomez #/25

All Star Stitches Triple
ASTR-ACY Andrew McCutchen - Yasiel Puig - Carlos Gomez #/25
ASTR-CJA Carlos Gomez - Aramis Ramirez - Jonathan Lucroy  #/25

All Star Stitches Autograph Relics
ASTAR-JL Jonathan Lucroy #/25

All Star Jumbo Patches
ASJP-CG Carlos Gomez  #/6
ASJP-JLY Jonathan Lucroy #/6

All Star Jumbo Patch Autographs
ASJP-JL Jonathan Lucroy #/6

Fond Farwells
FF-RY Robin Yount

Fond Farwells Relics
FFR-RY Robin Yount

Own the Name
OTN-RB Ryan Braun 1/1's

Power Players
PP-CGO Carlos Gomez

Power Players Relics
PPR-CGM Carlos Gomez

Strata Signature Relics
SSR-RB Ryan Braun

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