Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm still sorting out my huge haul of eTopps I had delivered just after Christmas.  Out of the over 200 cards I had delivered I'm only planning on keeping about 20 to 30.  Here we have the Brewers cards I had in my portfolio that I now have in hand.

2010 Prince Fielder #d to 699
2009 Mat Gamel rookie #d to 999
 2009 Casey McGahee Rookie #d to 749
2007 Yovani Gallardo Rookie #d to 999

2007 JJ Hardy #d to 749

2006 Prince Fielder Rookie #d to 999
2006 Chris Capuano #d to 499
2005 Rickie Weeks
2005 JJ Hardy
2005 Brewers Team Card. Not a single player featured on this card is still with the team.

2004 Lyle Overbay.   

Well that's it.  

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