Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Topps Marquee Baseball Brewers Checklist

I just signed up for a group break for this stuff.  I choose the Brew Crew as my main team and then I will randomly get a second team of the 15 that were not chosen.  I'm actually hoping for the A's since Rollie Fingers has a few cards in this set as well.  But I hemmed and hawed at actually forking up the dough for this, but to be honest the Brew Crew has a fairly nice representation in the offering. As long as Paul Molitor is in a Brewers Uni for the set and I'll assume that he is right now since I can't figure out if he is or not.

So here is what I was able to gleem from the published checklist and sell sheet.  Of course I might have missed someone and things are always subject to change but here it is.

Base cards
1 Ryan Braun
37 Prince Fielder
63 Zack Grienke

Unnumbered base
Blue #d to 299
Copper #d to 199
Gold #d to 99
Platinium #d 1/1

Monumental Markings Single Player On card autos!

MM-RB Ryan Braun

Cards are numbered but it was not released how high.
Gold #d to 5

Single Player Dual Relic Autographed cards

AID-3 Prince Fielder
AID-18 Ryan Braun
AID-36 Paul Molitor
Card are numbered but again not published to what number.
Gold #d to 5
Red 1/1

There is also a single player triple relic auto, but the Brewers are not represented.  Here's the mock up of the red 1/1 anyways.

Titanic Jumbo Relics

TTJR-48 Paul Molitor
TTJR-65 Ryan Braun
TTJR-66 Prince Fielder

#d to 99
Gold #d to 10

Titanice Jumbo Patch Relics

TTJP-24 Ryan Braun
#d to 5
There might also be a 1/1 to these too but it wasn't mentioned on the sell sheet.

Titanic Jumbo Relic Autographs
TTJA-16 Paul Molitor
TTJA-50 Ryan Braun
TTJA-56 Prince Fielder
 #d to 10 Topps didn't have a mock up on the sell sheet for these cards.

Quad Patch Relics

GMQP-24 Ryan Braun
#d to 5

Game-Time Mementos Single Player Quad Relics
GMQR-4 Prince Fielder
GMQR-35 Ryan Braun
#d to 199
Gold #d to 25

Museum Collection On card Autos
MCA-21 Paul Molitor
MCA-39 Ryan Braun
MCA-41 Prince Fielder

#d to 10

There you have it.

CB out

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