Monday, December 6, 2010

Prince Fielder 2004 E topps in hand

Continuing my mail bag postings across my microblogoverse I found this little gem on ebay a few weeks ago.
A 2004 Prince Fielder eTopps Rookie in hand!

I actually have one of these in my online account but I couldn't resist picking this us for so cheap.

Sorry about the scans.  The plastic case really diminishes the look of this card.  It's really nice.  This is my first eTopps have had in my hands, except for the Reggie Jackson Allen & Ginter Yankee Legacy card I have in my Reggie collection.  That card originally could only be bought as part of a $100+ set on eTopps so there was no way I was going to buy in but I ended up picking up the Reggie for pretty cheap.

Here's the back.

And the Cert of Authenticity, notice the id serial numbers match up, good, good. 

cb out.

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